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Chemical Name: 4-Fluoroamphetamine
Other names: 4-FA, PFA, PAL-303


4-FMP is a stimulant drug with empathogenic properties. The history as recreational drug is short and only little is known about long term effects. But through its chemical structure, it has similar, but less side effects than amphetamine. Main effects are stimulation, mood lift, insomnia and appetite reduction.

Ways of administration and dosages

Regular 4-FMP is taken orally, but it is also possible to insufflate the substance. Dosages vary from 50-250 mg. But this depends on tolerance, experience and individual responsibility for a substance.
The common oral dosage is 100-200 mg, if insufflated only half of the amount is required. Too much substance could lead to an overwhelming experience for beginners.

Effects and side-effects

4-FMP is a strong stimulant drug and a serotonine releaser, but it is less neurotoxic than related compounds. Common experiences with medium dosages have a length of 4-5 hours.
The first effects of 4-FMP can be felt 30-60 minutes after the substance was taken orally, it starts with increased talkativeness, mood lift and increased energy. Compared to amphetamine, the 4-FMP experience doesn´t start so rough and in a rush, they come in a bit like the MDMA effects. After the first wave has come, a warm feeling throughout the body can be felt. 90 minutes after 4-FMP was taken the peak is reached, the peak often feels like amphetamine with some nice MDMA properties, but the MDMA effects are less pronounced.

The peak holds on for 3-4 hours, the effects are very consistent and no ups and downs can be felt. The effects start to fade slowly and therefore the craving for another dosage is not existent.
The drug always should be taken on empty stomach, cause this minimizes the risk of nausea, vomiting and ensure a good uptake of the substance.
Beginners should not exceed dosages of 150 mg, overdoses can lead to anxiety, panic, sweating and paranoia. Single dosages of 4-FMP seem to be harmless compared to MDMA and amphetamine, only if taken continuous or in very high amounts. The neurotoxicity and hyperthermia are still a problem in high dosages or continued consumption.
But the difference can be felt easily after the experience of MDMA, amphetamine or 4-FMP. 4-FMP seems to be less aggressive in the body and less toxic. This means it doesn´t damage the body as badly as MDMA would do it, the hangover is much milder and the deficit in the body can be filled faster. After taking MDMA consumers often feel depressive, weak and tired for another 1-2 days after consumption, but not with 4-FMP. It is common to feel a bit tired after the experience has gone, but there won´t be depression or any other symptoms at the next day. Only if taken in high amounts some after effects can be still present at the next day, but those can be eliminated through a healthy diet and a good water uptake. So far there had been no deaths or hospitalizations reported from 4-FMP, only if taken in a mixture with multiple other substance the effects between the substances can be dangerous.

A final quote from a lot of consumers is, that they would recommend 4-FMP and would repeat the experience. It doesn´t seem to fill the full effect range of MDMA and therefore the consumers still take MDMA or combine both substances. But amphetamine consumers are surprised from the substance, as it has all of the amphetamine qualities, but is softer and a bit emphatogenic.

If 4-FMP was insufflated, the effects come in much faster, therefore only half of the substance is required, but the effects also only have half of the duration. Additional side effects could be small injuries in the nose and damage at the nasal mucosa.

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